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About Anne-Michelle

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, my connection to the natural world was forged by a childhood spent mostly outdoors. The mild Mediterranean climate meant an adventurous childhood of rock pools, and forest hideaways. Amidst vast, wild African landscapes, I always found tiny pockets of beauty to get lost in. Fairy gardens and miniature, make-belief worlds have always fascinated me. As a jewellery designer, my fascination for miniature ‘worlds’ continues through my intricately detailed, nature-inspired designs, and my reverence for nature is at the core of these creations. 


I began my jewellery designer career in Cape Town, as a student at the Ruth Prowse School Of Art. With the launch of my first business ‘Antique Fusion Jewellery’ in 2007, I established myself locally and became known for my vintage-inspired designs. I was particularly taken with engraved Victorian belt buckles, filigree, micro mosaics and Art Nouveau motifs. My very early pieces combined these antique/vintage found objects with contemporary materials such as perspex and resin. However, entranced by fine, intricate details, I found myself quickly moving away from these bold contemporary designs, in favour of more delicate pieces.


In the Summer of 2018 I made my move to the UK. This pivotal move gave me an opportunity to re-imagine my brand and build something new. At the time, still a little unsure of the exact direction I wanted to take the brand in, I decided to allow my style to bloom under the new name Anne-Michelle Jewellery. It wasn’t long before the beautiful Cotswolds countryside captured my imagination and my designs turned to nature for inspiration, taking on their recognisable signature Anne-Michelle style.  


Having set up home in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, I now manufacture from my small, home studio where I'm surrounded by picturesque countryside. 

Anne-Michelle Dooley in her jewellery studio with foliage
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