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Learn & Make

in this fun and relaxed jewellery workshop

From Wax to Jewellery

Wax Carving Workshop

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making your own sterling silver or gold jewellery? With this fun, relaxed

4 hour workshop, I will guide you through the basics of designing and hand-carving a ring or pendant, using jeweller’s wax.


Welcomed on arrival with bubbles and brunch, this workshop is a fabulous way to spend a day with friends. You will learn how to use various tools, carving methods, texturing and mark-making techniques to sculpt a unique piece of jewellery.

Let your creative inspirations come to life!


Once you have carved your wax master, it will be sent away for casting at the historic jewellery quarter in Birmingham. Your beautiful handmade pieces will then be professionally cleaned, polished

and returned to you via post.

''As a designer, I was really excited to try a new medium in wax carving! The workshop was simply brilliant. Hanging out in what has to be the most relaxing atmosphere ever was a total treat.''

Current Workshop dates for 2022

  • 30th April - Long Compton

  • 25th June - Cheltenham

  • 23rd July - Cheltenham

  • 24th September - Cheltenham

  • 22nd October - Cheltenham

  • 26th November - Cheltenham

We are always looking for new and exciting venues to bring this experience closer to you. Also available for private-bookings, hen parties, birthdays, team-building events, and baby showers. Contact for more info and group booking rates. 

More dates coming soon!