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Handmade Engagement Rings

Individually Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Anne-Michelle's handmade engagement rings capture the unique beauty of your love and preserve it for happily ever after. 

At Anne-Michelle Jewellery, we specialise in handmade and nature-inspired engagement rings - the epitome of timeless elegance and personalised craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our artisan-crafted pieces are imbued with a unique charm that reflects your unique love story. Each handmade engagement ring is a labour of love, meticulously designed and carefully crafted. Our handcrafted rings allow you to choose every detail, from the type of metal to the choice of gemstone, resulting in a symbol of your commitment that perfectly encapsulates your individual style and preferences.

Find inspiration from the gallery below of rings we've made for previous clients.

All our rings are handcrafted using your choice of recycled or Fairtrade gold. With lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds, and ethically sourced gemstones. See more of our nature-inspired engagement ring designs here. 

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The Process

Anne-Michelle has been proudly hand-making jewellery for 16 years, now specialising in bespoke engagement and wedding rings, using a combination of traditional techniques to design and craft unique, nature-inspired fine jewellery.


''There are many ways to create jewellery in the modern world. From CAD design and wax modelling to large-scale casting, jewellers can quickly and affordably re-produce large quantities of their designs. I've always felt that something is lost in the mass production process.


Jewellery is such a personal item of adornment. I like to think that handcrafting each piece individually adds something truly special to my designs. Having been classically trained, I have always adopted traditional methods of jewellery craftsmanship to manufacture my bespoke designs.


Each piece starts as molten metal. I slowly bring my designs to life by performing a series of shaping methods, from hammering and rolling to soldering and pulling. It's a lengthy, meditative process that always brings me great joy and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. ''

The Inspiration

Channelling her signature nature-inspired style, Anne-Michelle will design a ring that perfectly captures your love for one another. It all starts with a design consultation to discuss your ideas, followed by hand-drawn designs for you to choose from. Once a final design has been decided, it will be carefully handcrafted using traditional goldsmithing techniques, and entirely by hand. 

View some of the engagement rings we have made for previous clients.

Anne-Michelle in her jewellery studio.jpg
4 Reasons to Choose a Handmade Engagement Ring

''I just wanted to let you know that I have had several people tell me that your stunning creation is the most beautiful engagement ring they have ever seen. 


It has touched me so much because while I'm obviously over the moon with it, to have everyone else fall in love with it too has been so special given all the meaning that it holds.


So once again, a huge thank you for making a ring that is so special and unique. It is just so very 'me'.''.

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