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Sustainable, Ethical & Eco-Luxury Jewellery


My Vision

As a small scale, independent jewellery brand, Anne-Michelle is committed to creating jewellery that is kind to the Earth as well as the people involved in the mining and production of the materials we use. We are committed to responsible sourcing, and passionate about raising awareness in support of fair trade. Jewellery is such an intimate item of adornment, I want my customers to feel good about their purchase - knowing that the jewellery they wear has been created with love and respect;

and that its legacy is that of upliftment and prosperity, not destruction and poverty!


I am proudly a Fairtrade Registered Goldsmith, offering the best possible choices for the conscious consumer.  My jewellery is packaged in biodegradable and recyclable packaging, with zero plastic! My small studio runs off entirely renewable energy and for every purchase you make, I plant a tree in your honour, supported by our friends at Ecologi.

This is jewellery with a conscience - Eco-Luxury at its finest.

Fairtrade Gold

As one of the pioneering Fairtrade Gold Registered jewellers in the United Kingdom, Anne-Michelle Jewellery is proud to be able to offer our customers Fairtrade Gold when investing in their heirlooms of tomorrow. 

Discover our first Fairtrade Gold Collection, Wild Aurum, and

learn more about our Fairtrade Gold in our recent blog post.


Recyclable Packaging 

Our packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable, with the majority of our packaging also being bio-degradable. Each piece of jewellery comes carefully wrapped in a branded organic cotton pouch and is shipped to you in a cardboard mailing box.

Our new eco-luxury collection comes packaged in handcrafted walnut boxed, lined with linen. These are handmade from sustainable timber. Every effort has been made to exclude plastics wherever possible, and still maintain a luxury packaging option for your beautiful new jewellery. 

Ethical Diamonds and Conflict-Free Diamonds

In 2003, the Kimberley Process was implemented. It aims to follow diamonds from mine to market and ensure that conflict diamonds don’t enter the global diamond trade. Anne-Michelle sources all their diamonds and gemstones through certified dealers.

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Shaping Gold Ring

Recycled & Reclaimed Metals

If you are looking for a greener alternative to buying new we offer a recycling service for your existing gold and silver jewellery. Perhaps you have a family heirloom that holds great sentimental value, but just isn't your style? Why not reimagine into something new that you can wear and cherish? Book a free design consultation and I'll help you create something special. 

Lab-grown Diamonds 

One option to consider when investing in your next piece of diamond jewellery is a laboratory-created diamond. These are chemically and optically identical to a mined diamond. In other words, they’re just as beautiful and durable, but

with none of the human and environmental consequences of mining, these diamonds are sustainable. Better yet, they’re more cost-effective, allowing you larger stone options at affordable prices.

Book a free design consultation to chat more about this sustainable alternative. 

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Discover the New Wild Aurum eco-luxury collection

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