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Handmade In England

Anne-Michelle handmakes fine jewellery from her Cotswolds-based studio in England.  With over 17 years of experience a jewellery designer and maker, she proudly handcrafts each piece of Anne-Michelle Jewellery. Discover more about her collections of nature-inspired jewellery, from inspiration to creation.  

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Anne-Micehlle swapped city life for the countryside, in her early twenties, seeking a closer connection with the natural world and a slower pace of life. Spending time in nature offers endless inspiration for her nature-themed designs


As in nature, Anne-Michelle's designs each begin as a tiny seed concept - Often just a scribble of a plant or a suggestion of a shape, and then they grow! Anne-Michelle still believes in good old pencil and paper to build her initial concepts, and then moves onto digital hand-drawing equipment to render a final design. 

Discover some of Anne-Michelles bespoke designs here.

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At The Bench

This is where the real magic begins! Starting with metal grain, Anne-Michelle uses a combination of traditional and contemporary jewellery making techniques to handcraft her pieces.

Find out more about the handmaking process here.

Jewellery With A Conscience

Anne-Micehlle jewellery is created with kindness at its core, from the use of ethically sourced materials, to eco-friendly packaging. 

Learn more about our ethical approach to jewellery making. 

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