Anne-Michelle creates wearable treasures, inspired by nature's abundant beauty and lovingly handcrafted in silver and gold. 

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Thank you for choosing Handmade

 In a world owned by the Titans of multinational enterprises, manufacturing wherever is cheapest

and delivering an ever-growing choice at an ever-cheaper price...

it really means something to say you chose Handmade.

At Anne-Michelle I make pieces with my own two hands and place them lovingly into yours.

The simple way, the valued way.

At the heart of my creations is a passion for creating jewellery that falls in line with my own personal sustainability goals. I am constantly evolving and improving my supply chain, packaging and manufacturing processes, to make them as ethical and sustainable as possible. From the use of Fairtrade and recycled golds to Eco-silver and ethically sourced diamonds -  Each creation is handmade using materials that are traceable, sustainable and ethically sourced. 

Let's walk gently on the Earth during our short 'stay' here. 

Anne-Michelle Jewellery - Eco-Luxury at its finest.